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Hello there sweetheart(s) ! I'm Wan Chi and welcome to my personal space . I reside in lovely Malaysia and I am a child of God . You're welcome to explore as much as you want and ask any questions but please , be nice and be respectful . Thank you ! ♥

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  November ‘12 – short summary .

meow =^w^=

yeah , i know i know , i’m terribly lazy and my blog is dying D:  wanted to update sooner but i started working so i couldn’t T____T sorry !!

as i’ve always stated , i live a boring life which mainly consists of me eating , sleeping and going online therefore there is very less to blog about . therefore , here is a short sum-up of November happenings . oh and , HAPPY DECEMBER ! :)))


went to KL , as everyone knows .

went job-hunting and everyone said they wanted full-timers / 18 yr olds –__- almost got hired by Diesel but they said i had to be at least 16 D: anyway i got a job now , as a waitress .


japanese candy !! the cookies and the strawberry gummies are from my aunt , the Hello Kitty biscuit and lollipop from Jessynda . thank you !!! :D


Hello Kitty biscuit !!! so cute and omfg it tastes damn good :9999

went for Grandma’s birthday dinner !! :)

_MG_7927  _MG_7698  _MG_7850 familehhh :D

went out with soulmate / mother Zelyn and coincidently we had matching OOTDs !! watched Breaking Dawn too . it was nice but the ending is super … meh and potong stim .

best part about going out with each other is …… WE BOTH LIKE TO VAIN AS MUCH AS EACH OTHER . and we encountered a creepy experience in RedBox fuck us pls .

565338_4525674653251_1464057374_n 566051_4525674893257_1448949480_n 566301_4525684973509_1464724900_n
tried Kindori !! Zelyn’s red bean flavour and my banana flavour . very nice but actually quite pricey :S

went to Sushi King and both of us fell in love with this egg thing with crabstick and mayo on top and this crispy outer layer . sorry i don’t know how to describe it but its damn delicious :9999 sadly , we spent a lot of money that day so we couldn’t satisfy our mega craving for it :(((

565648_4525674973259_1635610212_n 566388_4525674933258_1983013441_n 
might as well take a picture with our final eggs :(((( WTF SOUNDS DAMN WRONG HAHAH

went out with Ai Dee and sis the other day . no pics of them cos they’re both camera shy HAHAHAH . watched Pitch Perfect , damn its awesome . its like Mean Girls meets Glee . *w*

ate the set lunch at Chopper Board . my personal advice : don’t go there . it’s cheap but the food sucks . the cheese-baked rice was SOOO BAD that i regretted not eating Kim Gary’s :'(((( everything else in the set sucked too .

the only thing that was bearable and edible was the dessert . chocolate brownie and vanilla ice-cream :9 probably it tasted good because its ready made food and Chopper Board did not cook it .

also got myself another charm bracelet . love love love charm bracelets *o* this one is err … angel / queen themed , with the masquerade mask and crown and carriage and random angel wing hahahaha .   

wifey Karen baked this the other day and brought one for me awww !! :') i’m not really sure what its called , but its marshmallow sandwiched between two big cookies and coated in chocolate then baked and chilled . tastes super good but it gets all sticky ! :9


camwhored , as usual . HAHAHAHAH


here’s a picture of Nicole to end this post . MOTHER OF LIZARDS , ISN’T SHE GORGEOUS .

and i’m sorry for such a half-arsed post :(

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