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Hello there sweetheart(s) ! I'm Wan Chi and welcome to my personal space . I reside in lovely Malaysia and I am a child of God . You're welcome to explore as much as you want and ask any questions but please , be nice and be respectful . Thank you ! ♥

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  Favourite Bloggers
hi ! sorry for not putting in effort to keep my blog alive , for i am always too busy doing nothing and have no time for anything :(((
anyway , was looking through my old posts and realised i promised i would write this post ! :) (don’t expect the Room Tour post anymore cos a lot of my things are already in boxes now so there’s no point wtf)
i’m gonna admit this fact : i only read asian blogs . probably cos its so much easier to relate to and also , if i were to read eurasian blogs , i’d be super jealous of the place they live in and the way they live . and idk any eurasian blogs so someone pls recommend some to me !!!

so here’s my list of top 6 favourite bloggers :D
  1. Cheesie
    first ever famous blog i followed and i think i have mentioned loads of times that i super love her and she is my top favourite :D her blog is mainly about fashion / travel and she goes to Japan so much it makes me envious T____T and as a super big fan , i feel so happy that she’s getting married :'))) also she’s super pretty and sweet ! when i met her for the first time i fangirl-ed like siao HAHAHAH . 

  2. Xiaxue
    who doesn’t know Singapore’s top blogger ? i love her with this pink-blonde hair !! *w* one thing i have in common with xiaxue is that i love lots of pink fluffy floral stuff too HAHAHA . xiaxue is known for her feisty and defensive attitude and because of that , she gains a lot of attention and hate , yet i respect her for that . she admits her flaws and loves herself and stands up for herself . i also love the way she blogs and her princess-y life <3 

  3. Audrey
    the sweet and petite blogger Audrey who also goes by the name fourfeetnine .
    HAHAHA i love how close she is with Cheesie and now they are even collaborating to create a brand ! *o* love how she is super honest and funny in her blog posts . even her angry rants sound funny ! and seriously how can someone be so cute ! o.o

  4. Sophie
    started noticing her while reading xiaxue’s blog :) she’s a mixed chinese/eurasian and honestly i think she looks like a supermodel cos she’s so tall and skinny . :D i like reading her blog because she has super nice clothes and shoes and she’s also very nice to her readers ! :)

  5. Yutaki yutaki
    the one and only non-female blog i read HAHAHAHAHHA . the main reason i read his blog is to look at his pictures because his self-shots/photography is (Y) (Y) (Y) and they look like tumblr pictures ! i mean , did you see the pictures where he went to Paris ? he took them all by himself . when i saw those pictures i was like : HOW ISIT EVEN POSSIBLE TO TAKE PICTURES LIKE THIS BY YOURSELF . 

  6. Miyake miyake
    Yutaki’s “twinnie” and she is SUCH A PRETTY ULZZANG . SO PRETTY . and she rocks the ulzzang look ! she looks so korean and i also love the way she takes pictures . she looks really really doll-like and cute too :3333 oh and i also love how she goes all out for the ulzzang look . even her clothes gives out the korean vibe !

ok so that’s my list of favourite bloggers ! and i’m sorry because i’m bad at decribing the bloggers :( who are your favourites ? :D

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