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Hello there sweetheart(s) ! I'm Wan Chi and welcome to my personal space . I reside in lovely Malaysia and I am a child of God . You're welcome to explore as much as you want and ask any questions but please , be nice and be respectful . Thank you ! ♥

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  Favourite Bloggers
hi ! sorry for not putting in effort to keep my blog alive , for i am always too busy doing nothing and have no time for anything :(((
anyway , was looking through my old posts and realised i promised i would write this post ! :) (don’t expect the Room Tour post anymore cos a lot of my things are already in boxes now so there’s no point wtf)
i’m gonna admit this fact : i only read asian blogs . probably cos its so much easier to relate to and also , if i were to read eurasian blogs , i’d be super jealous of the place they live in and the way they live . and idk any eurasian blogs so someone pls recommend some to me !!!

so here’s my list of top 6 favourite bloggers :D
  1. Cheesie
    first ever famous blog i followed and i think i have mentioned loads of times that i super love her and she is my top favourite :D her blog is mainly about fashion / travel and she goes to Japan so much it makes me envious T____T and as a super big fan , i feel so happy that she’s getting married :'))) also she’s super pretty and sweet ! when i met her for the first time i fangirl-ed like siao HAHAHAH . 

  2. Xiaxue
    who doesn’t know Singapore’s top blogger ? i love her with this pink-blonde hair !! *w* one thing i have in common with xiaxue is that i love lots of pink fluffy floral stuff too HAHAHA . xiaxue is known for her feisty and defensive attitude and because of that , she gains a lot of attention and hate , yet i respect her for that . she admits her flaws and loves herself and stands up for herself . i also love the way she blogs and her princess-y life <3 

  3. Audrey
    the sweet and petite blogger Audrey who also goes by the name fourfeetnine .
    HAHAHA i love how close she is with Cheesie and now they are even collaborating to create a brand ! *o* love how she is super honest and funny in her blog posts . even her angry rants sound funny ! and seriously how can someone be so cute ! o.o

  4. Sophie
    started noticing her while reading xiaxue’s blog :) she’s a mixed chinese/eurasian and honestly i think she looks like a supermodel cos she’s so tall and skinny . :D i like reading her blog because she has super nice clothes and shoes and she’s also very nice to her readers ! :)

  5. Yutaki yutaki
    the one and only non-female blog i read HAHAHAHAHHA . the main reason i read his blog is to look at his pictures because his self-shots/photography is (Y) (Y) (Y) and they look like tumblr pictures ! i mean , did you see the pictures where he went to Paris ? he took them all by himself . when i saw those pictures i was like : HOW ISIT EVEN POSSIBLE TO TAKE PICTURES LIKE THIS BY YOURSELF . 

  6. Miyake miyake
    Yutaki’s “twinnie” and she is SUCH A PRETTY ULZZANG . SO PRETTY . and she rocks the ulzzang look ! she looks so korean and i also love the way she takes pictures . she looks really really doll-like and cute too :3333 oh and i also love how she goes all out for the ulzzang look . even her clothes gives out the korean vibe !

ok so that’s my list of favourite bloggers ! and i’m sorry because i’m bad at decribing the bloggers :( who are your favourites ? :D

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  various OOTDs and vain pictures .








i apologize for not updating for i was on vacation for a week . :( will update soon as soon as i get over my writer’s block ! drop me comments in my formspring for what i should blog about next D:


ending this short post with a gorgeous picture of Taylor Swift because she’s so stunning and i absolutely love her to bits <3


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  Liese Bubble Hair Dye Tutorial

as i hinted in my previous post , my hair was about to get a lot browner ! since scumbag dad is so lazy and decided that he can’t be bothered to fetch me to school during the last week , i took the opportunity to dye my hair :D

originally wanted to dip-dye my hair , but i found out that my new school allows hair dye-ing so i figured , why not just dye my whole head ? also i’ve been wanting to try out Liese since forever .

since i’ve watched video tutorials of this product before , i kinda knew how to do it without needing to read the booklet *lansi* hahahah .


so after school on friday i went to the nearest Watson’s to buy my hair dye . bought this ! Glossy Brown , i picked a darker colour as i was afraid it would come out too light . (WRONG CHOICE WRONG CHOICE) also on this day when i wanted to do this tutorial i realised i borrowed my camera to my sis for an outing FML , so the below pictures are all taken with the camera … of an ipad .


the colour code on the box …


387611_4381869117351_1151884014_n  156443_4381877397558_1028890263_n
my original hair colour under sunlight … so of course i would’ve expected the end result to match the one on the box right …? WRONG :( anyway let’s continue !

instructions . quite simple actually !


inside the box !

the contents of the box .. so happy cos there are so many pink stuff ! ^w^

Step 1 : Mix Solution 1 and Solution 2 together

tip : DO NOT PANIC . fml i panicked and a bit of my solution 1 spilled –___-


Step 2 : slowly tilt the bottle with the mixed solution in it , do not shake , just gently tilt it back and forth for about 5-6 times .

if you’re doing it correctly , the colour should look like this :3

Step 3 : take off the white bottle cap and screw on the pink one with the pump .

Step 4 : Squeeze the bottle (not press the pump) and out comes the foam and you may begin !

no pictures of me applying the foam cos obviously i was using both hands to apply it :B

fugly picture of me HAHAHAH . anyways . Step 5 : wait for around 25-30 mins , depending on your preferences . i waited 35 minutes .___. #paranoid

Step 6 : Go wash it off and shampoo your hair like usual . then apply their hair treatment conditioner thingy which is included in the box . (obviously i have no pictures of this too)



SAM_2438 SAM_2441
the results : with flash and without flash … HAIH THE RESULTS IS DAMN DISAPPOINTING I EMO-ED FOR LIKE TH WHOLE NIGHT . T__________T
i was like . WHAT DID I DO WRONG , which step went wrong ?!?! and also i felt damn cheated by Liese DDD:

anyway i was so devastated that i went to buy another box the next day wtf .

learnt from mistakes and picked the lightest shade of brown this time !!! Marshmallow Brown :3

went through the whole process again and thank god this time the results improved so at least my money paid off !

fringe and whole head under sunlight . still not brown enough for my taste but better than the first time –__-

xx .


ending this post with a picture of my hair bow collection for no reason whatsoever HAHAHA


  October Happenings

so as you know , i have quite a boring life therefore if i do individual posts for all these happenings , each post wouldn’t even fill up half a page :( therefore , i just did a sum-up of all the outings i went for during October . not very much cos scumbag dad wants me to live a nun’s life and bans me from going out oh so often .


11111 tweets ! *makes a wish*


 SAM_2314 SAM_2316
CLS Kindergarten’s Speech Day . me and nicole were two of the few prefects that were forced to go help out but it turned out quite fun and entertaining :D

DSC00437 went to 32 Light Street with nicole after the event for brunch :3 then we changed out of our prefect T-shirts and went to gurney for carmen’s pre-birthday celebration :D




le trinity :3 stole this from zelyn’s insta !

my love and my mother .

trinity’s present to Carmen , quite pricey for such small chocolates but it looks delicious T___T #chocolateaddict

oh yeah we went to watch Sinister ! which was … quite meh , judging by the fact that it was co-produced by the producers of Insidious . INSIDIOUS IS LIKE 5 TIMES SCARIER .


some random day where zelyn side-braided my hair … beh syiok my brown hair ? watch out its about to get more brown ;)))


SAM_2290 SAM_2292
OOTD , one of the nights i went to Straits Quay for dinner with le family . wore my flower crown for the second time and my sis said i looked like some runaway princess HAHAHAH

went out with 2/5 of our gang the other day . zelyn and ky wasn’t present D:

food at redbox ! :D and yeah , i hate cucumbers :X

SAM_2325SAM_2335 SAM_2337SAM_2338
<3 <3

i look fugly here but its the only selca of three of us !


  SAM_2361_副本 SAM_2363 SAM_2364
then i wanted to try out the new crepe shop in the basement so we went ! yay yay yay it was not bad lah , but they were damn stingy with the ingredients –__-


haul of the day : bought this singlet-tube thing from Kitschen and these super cute earrings from Maggie T !

one of the days where me , mei sian , zelyn , carmen , qing yun and pak skipped school and went to gurney . only picture i had of that day , stolen from zelyn’s insta again HAHAHA

another night i went to Straits . scumbag dad was in an effing good mood so he bought me Fruuze (spot it !) and then we went for DOME after that :3 hot chocolate with marshmallows <3 <3

stolen from … yup , zelyn’s insta again . this was Halloween night at gurney and it was a public holiday . i begged and begged scumbag dad to let me go but him being a scumbag just denied me again and again and let me rot at home . finally i asked him again in the evening , and he finally said yes –___- WTF SCUMBAG DAD , EARLY EARLY DUN WANNA LET ME GO , AT THE END OF THE DAY ONLY LET ME GO


so yeah i was only there for 2 and a half hours –__- (what’s the point of going , right ?) watched Sinister .. again cos win and soo rong wanted to watch it , then went to Michelangelo’s (?) for drinks and Truth Or Dare .


SAM_2374 SAM_2383
camwhore shots at home .


BOOST was having this daily challenge thing and le brother went and got me a cup aww :333


DSC00445 DSC00448
went for a charity buffet lunch at Park Royal the other day . finally wore the dress i was supposedly gonna wear for Smart Night .

omg the food was SO SO SO SO SO SO SO GOOD I’D GIVE IT 5 STARS . haven’t eaten a good buffet for so long already ! unfortunately i only took pics of the desserts :3 i love desserts and the dessert there was heaven *w* drools …


DSC00447  the crepe i decorated myself ! nice right ! while i was drizzling the chocolate sauce onto my crepe , some passer-by aunties were looking and they said “wow that looks so good .” HAHAHAH I SHOULD BE A PROFESSIONAL DESSERT DECORATOR (Y)


oh yeah RED is already out and i want it PLEASEEEEEEEEEE ? D;

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