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Hello there sweetheart(s) ! I'm Wan Chi and welcome to my personal space . I reside in lovely Malaysia and I am a child of God . You're welcome to explore as much as you want and ask any questions but please , be nice and be respectful . Thank you ! ♥

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  Smart Nite ‘12
a picture of Law Chung Him and a random woman just to catch your attention ! hahahah

omg so many things to blog about but i’m so so lazy !!! :(
you know , its funny how i had so many plans before PMR , and now that PMR is over , i can’t be bothered to put any of those plans into action –___- all i wanna do is stay at home and be in a relationship with the internet and temporarily glue myself to my bed . life used to be all about PMR and studying , and now , i am lost . i don’t know what to do with my life anymore . HAHHA I HAVE NO AIM IN LIFE .

oh well !! time to blog about Smart Nite which was 2 weeks ago :D

hair and eye makeup !! only eyeliner though :x

big ass camwhore picture of me cos i love myself ^^
went to wifey’s house with chew bee and wifey fetched us all there :D

k now get ready for a bunch of vain pictures of vain girls !
9d555a100c8a11e2877022000a1e9bca_7 196459_3602223018230_1559517831_n 199852_3602239018630_1839172156_n 399577_3602224618270_866653515_n317523_3602169136883_2006468635_n  377287_4584007086004_1469229762_n
my lovely juniors :')))) max love jermaine cos she’s always willing to replace my duties HAHAHA <3

chao piggy and twinnie QY went too ! wanted to camwhore with them but no chance T__T

my love mei sian , who hired a professional to do her hair bow and it was so pretty ! :D

wifey snapping pictures with her polaroid <3

polaroid pictures , stolen from wifey’s instagram :3

christine and her flower ! HAHAHA she’s damn cute . she found the flower on the table and wouldn’t stop camwhoring with it xD

another picture of Law Chung Him just to make sure you’re still interested HAHAHA

156259_4583967765021_765897617_n75105_4583976245233_282777798_n  401390_4584035886724_963724755_n 557180_4584130569091_1823659699_n 560288_4583991965626_1647087586_n
no comment on the performances , since i don’t really know what to say .___.
oh right and then ! Him Law was asked to pick a few people out for a game AND I WAS ONE OF THEM HAHAHAHA STILL CANT GET OVER THE FACT THAT HE PICKED ME :3
P1000720 the game was to catch the polystyrene heart in between two people while its falling . easy ? i think not , especially when you are paired up with somebody you don’t even know .

i got paired up with one of the younger dancers . so awkward :((
only posting this picture cos my hair looks gorgeous here ! <3

we failed on the second round . HAIH so thats me laughing like a retard idk why :(

Demi won and she got to dance with Him Law !!! HAHAHA LOOK AT EVERYONE’S JEALOUS FACE IN THE PICTURE D:

198652_4583978885299_10250717_n3180_4584009046053_915442609_n 304365_4584046366986_120494826_n317585_4584020446338_525763402_n
more pictures of Law Chung Him cos he’s stunningly flawless and he’s probably the reason people are reading this blog post anyway *w*

omg spot scumbag dad !

oh since scumbag dad was one of the VIPs , i got to take two pictures with Law Chung Him !!

hahaha stay tuned ! what should i blog about next ? ^^

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