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Hello there sweetheart(s) ! I'm Wan Chi and welcome to my personal space . I reside in lovely Malaysia and I am a child of God . You're welcome to explore as much as you want and ask any questions but please , be nice and be respectful . Thank you ! ♥

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  Purikura without going to a photo booth

as promised before PMR , i wrote this post !

actually i was deliberating quite a lot whether to post this or not cos its quite embarrassing HAHAHAH . but ok lah , for the sake of entertaining my readers and keeping my blog alive , i shall set aside my dignity :X


in case you don’t know what purikura is …

its something made popular by Japan . you go into these ultra gay but nice photo booths … camwhore away …

start editing your camwhore pictures …

and you get to print them out ! (credits to the rightful owners of the above pictures , i just stole them from google LOL)

i love purikura machines of course , as most girls probably do . but unfortunately i do not reside in Japan FML so purikura machines are hard to come by D:
in fact , the only times i went for purikura was 2 years ago when i stayed in KL . then all the purikura places in 1 Utama and The Curve and Sunway started closing down anyway –___-
and the next thing about purikura is its super pricey . the ones in KL range from RM26-40 i think , and the ones in Genting Highlands are even worse , RM40+ at its cheapest .

anyway , if you have been reading my blog for years (which i doubt) , you’d know that i love playing around with meituxiuxiu hahaha . so recently i’ve discovered a new tool from meituxiuxiu , which is today’s topic !

of course , first you have to download meituxiuxiu or any similiar china software HAHAH


this is my version of meituxiuxiu . i know , super old version cos i’m too lazy to update it .

so after clicking “step 2” , proceed to cropping the image you want

used Taecyeon’s selca cos he’s damn cute hehehehehe . but do try to use non-selca pictures cos it would seem more real :3


after cropping , pick whichever background you want , which can be done too with the purikura machine ! :D


after changing the background , you can add more characters too . i added Yoona in cos i’m a hardcore TaecYoon fan :3


once you’re done with the basics , you can go brighten their skin tones or enlarge their eyes or whatever it is that purikura machines do and also based on your own preferences :)
i brightened Taec’s skin-tone cos he looked terribly tan next to Yoong hahahah


5 6
then comes the fun part ! (also my favourite part) EDITING ! insert whatever stickers and words you want to add more to the purikura effect ! preferably girly sparkly effects and japanese words since purikura originates from Japan LOL .

with purikura machines , they only give you like 120 seconds (?) to edit one picture so you just end up putting in random effects and stickers and frames that you manage to click on –__- and the worst thing is that the machine is in Japanese and you can’t read it and you’re like “SHIT WHAT DOES THIS BUTTON DO” . but when you do it with meituxiuxiu , you have all the time in your life to choose whichever effects you want :D (wtf i sound like i’m promoting mtxx)



i hope you guys get what i was trying to teach here HAHAHA . of course if you’re too lazy to do this , you can always go and look for a purikura machine , which no doubt gives you better results than my way . but hey , i’m only doing this for fun and cos i’m bored . so if you’re as lifeless as me , JOIN ME IN DIY PURIKURA . hahahah omg i think nobody’s gonna follow my tutorial but oh well ! 




also did one of me and le friends ! hahahahah


(see i told you this post is embarrassing ! i am practically still deliberating whether to post this or not while i’m writing it)


  PMR week / post PMR week on-goings
hello again !! maybe i’m not as lazy as i thought since i’m blogging again .__. or maybe i just don’t want my readers to leave my blog out of boredom hahaha . #desperate
as usual : snippets from my internet life because , yup i am that lifeless :D
10101 tweets i’m gonna strike the lottery again >:DD oh and i swapped pictures with Dzakwan that day which probably explains my twitcon hahahah

and this is how anxious i was for PMR . i downloaded past year trial papers from all over Malaysia and i think in total , i did about 50 papers fml –__- but my hard work paid off i guess :)

stupid .  
look at this !! was googling a malay word meaning when this popped out . wah this page damn desperate for likes wtf

and this … is what happens when its a PMR night and you tweet about PMR . all the PMR students slacking on the internet , and random people from all over retweeting me and tweeting me .__.
daily life :SAM_2223
another one of those nights when i got hungry . my sister of course , was freaking kind and offered to cook for me yet again . unfortunately , this time it didn’t go so well :S THIS WAS THE MOST DISGUSTING INSTANT NOODLES I HAVE EVER ATE IN MY ENTIRE LIFE . EVER . and im not exaggeratine –__- the soup was freaking diluted and tasteless , and the egg … i don’t even wanna talk about it . to top it off , there was eggshell in my noodles ! my sister may be good at french toast and stuff , but definitely NOT instant noodles .
tried out eyelid tape the other day , cos i am so vain . it only worked for maxx 15 mins then it refused to work anymore . FML T____T

Haagen Dazs mooncake ice-cream ! super yumzzz , omg i’m craving for it now D:

SAM_2269 SAM_2271
came home from school one day and felt bored so i made this ! now i just need more polaroids … :/
SAM_2272 SAM_2273
mummy came back the other day so we went for breakfast with her ^w^
my Union Jack panties bought from Marks & Spencer’s from UK ! hahahah cute or not !!

SAM_2275 SAM_2284
went to Gurney with mummy after that and i went to A-Saloon to trim my fringe :D THANK GODDD , since my fringe was already so long D:

SAM_2285 SAM_2286 SAM_2287
went for breakfast with mummy again the following day and i requested for Dim Sum so mummy agreed . HEHEHEHEHEH <3

camwhore shot at the dim sum place . my hair colour looks so nice !
some random day where i was hardworking enough to do a hair bun using the hair bun thingy .

breakfast for today ! bananas on toast and peanut butter and strawberry yoghurt ! :9

random stuff i found online :
THIS !!! I CAN RELATE OMFG . i swear , i do not have a single potterhead fan who is as obsessed as me –__-

and i find this freaking funny LOLOLOLOL . sorry if you’re not able to sleep tonight ! :p
sorry for the short post , will update again when i’m not feeling lazy ! :D

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  Smart Nite ‘12
a picture of Law Chung Him and a random woman just to catch your attention ! hahahah

omg so many things to blog about but i’m so so lazy !!! :(
you know , its funny how i had so many plans before PMR , and now that PMR is over , i can’t be bothered to put any of those plans into action –___- all i wanna do is stay at home and be in a relationship with the internet and temporarily glue myself to my bed . life used to be all about PMR and studying , and now , i am lost . i don’t know what to do with my life anymore . HAHHA I HAVE NO AIM IN LIFE .

oh well !! time to blog about Smart Nite which was 2 weeks ago :D

hair and eye makeup !! only eyeliner though :x

big ass camwhore picture of me cos i love myself ^^
went to wifey’s house with chew bee and wifey fetched us all there :D

k now get ready for a bunch of vain pictures of vain girls !
9d555a100c8a11e2877022000a1e9bca_7 196459_3602223018230_1559517831_n 199852_3602239018630_1839172156_n 399577_3602224618270_866653515_n317523_3602169136883_2006468635_n  377287_4584007086004_1469229762_n
my lovely juniors :')))) max love jermaine cos she’s always willing to replace my duties HAHAHA <3

chao piggy and twinnie QY went too ! wanted to camwhore with them but no chance T__T

my love mei sian , who hired a professional to do her hair bow and it was so pretty ! :D

wifey snapping pictures with her polaroid <3

polaroid pictures , stolen from wifey’s instagram :3

christine and her flower ! HAHAHA she’s damn cute . she found the flower on the table and wouldn’t stop camwhoring with it xD

another picture of Law Chung Him just to make sure you’re still interested HAHAHA

156259_4583967765021_765897617_n75105_4583976245233_282777798_n  401390_4584035886724_963724755_n 557180_4584130569091_1823659699_n 560288_4583991965626_1647087586_n
no comment on the performances , since i don’t really know what to say .___.
oh right and then ! Him Law was asked to pick a few people out for a game AND I WAS ONE OF THEM HAHAHAHA STILL CANT GET OVER THE FACT THAT HE PICKED ME :3
P1000720 the game was to catch the polystyrene heart in between two people while its falling . easy ? i think not , especially when you are paired up with somebody you don’t even know .

i got paired up with one of the younger dancers . so awkward :((
only posting this picture cos my hair looks gorgeous here ! <3

we failed on the second round . HAIH so thats me laughing like a retard idk why :(

Demi won and she got to dance with Him Law !!! HAHAHA LOOK AT EVERYONE’S JEALOUS FACE IN THE PICTURE D:

198652_4583978885299_10250717_n3180_4584009046053_915442609_n 304365_4584046366986_120494826_n317585_4584020446338_525763402_n
more pictures of Law Chung Him cos he’s stunningly flawless and he’s probably the reason people are reading this blog post anyway *w*

omg spot scumbag dad !

oh since scumbag dad was one of the VIPs , i got to take two pictures with Law Chung Him !!

hahaha stay tuned ! what should i blog about next ? ^^

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