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Hello there sweetheart(s) ! I'm Wan Chi and welcome to my personal space . I reside in lovely Malaysia and I am a child of God . You're welcome to explore as much as you want and ask any questions but please , be nice and be respectful . Thank you ! ♥

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  Merdeka Holidays ‘12

since our country’s Independence Day was last friday , I , as a proud Malaysian shall take this opportunity to say ,


and especially to those Malaysians who fought so hard during the British colonization but still failed :(

and of course , THANK YOU TUNKU ABDUL RAHMAN !!!

okay why do i actually wish we’re still under Britain ? or that my forefathers should’ve stayed in S’pore so i can be a Singaporean too hahaha . #unpatriotic

but honestly , as much as there are flaws which i do not like in my country , i thoroughly love it too ! i mean , where else would i be able to find nasi lemak , char koay teow and apom ? where else do such stupid and ridiculously lovable people exist ? where else would i gain my Malaysian culture from ?

another reason why i love my country is because they give so many holidays !! :'))))

so during the long weekend of the Merdeka day , i did quite a lot of things :D


SAM_1843 SAM_1840

okay totally unrelated but this one night after i washed my hair , my curls turned out really nice ! like those curls curled with curling tongs :D but sadly it was time to sleep so no point having nice hair :(



OOTD on friday (Merdeka Day)
finally had a chance to wear my flower crown ! :)
went to Prangin Mall for some event which was held my stepsister’s kindergarten


SAM_1846 SAM_1847 SAM_1848

went to Subway for our 2nd lunch with my brother (who put chips in his sandwich wtf) . maxx love subway’s cookies !! :D



kindergarten kids dancing !



went for western food in a place near my house at night :)



yup , that’s the moon . but it looks more like a streetlamp LOLOLOL . anyone else noticed how big and bright the moon was that night ?



wan xin who was in a bad mood .



my half-eaten grilled chicken LOLOLOL . every single time i eat , i forget to take a picture first D:


SAM_1878 SAM_1884

got bored after finishing my food so i fishbone-braided my hair ! nice bo ?


SAM_1881 SAM_1882 

wan xin and her friess .



went to Daiso the next day because sis had to buy some things AND I JUST COULDN’T RESIST BUYING THESE !!! LOOK AT THE FUCKING NICE FLORAL DESIGN AND THAT CANDY SHADE OF PINK !! <33 though i wish they didn’t add the blue for the notebooks :(

alas !! i got scammed by Daiso .


tried to put a photo in and look !! >:(((

so i trimmed off the edges and tried again …


and now this happens !! *flips table* Daiso cheated my moneyyy !!



and finally after much trimming and agony !!! the quality of the photo frame is just … meh . but the floral file and notebooks are (Y)



went for japanese food that night and forgot to take pictures again … so only managed to take the end result of our dinner HAHAHA . 3 sets of teriyaki shared between me and bro . fatties we are .



with wan en . flash makes her contact lenses  look so pretty !



studied a little at home on Sunday , then went to the state library to group study with Soo Rong , Carmen , Yi Heng , Pak and Win . then walked over to Heritage for drinks and Soo Rong made us sandwiches ! <333



taken on Sunday night . yes this is what i look like before i sleep :B

and just like that , the weekend ended :(


oh came home from school today and saw this note from my grandmother !! :D

for those who can’t read chinese , here’s what it says :
Wan Chi , there is keropok on the table , i just fried it , go and have a bite ! –Ama

P.S. Ama is grandmother in chinese . MAXX LOVE MY AMA <3333

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