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Hello there sweetheart(s) ! I'm Wan Chi and welcome to my personal space . I reside in lovely Malaysia and I am a child of God . You're welcome to explore as much as you want and ask any questions but please , be nice and be respectful . Thank you ! ♥

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  why i went on hiatus on facebook
i have posted a short status about this on my last day on facebook , but here’s a blog post do explain more thoroughly .


well , over the past few months i have been thinking about going on hiatus , but never really done it cos i figured i’d do it when the time comes . and i suppose , the time is now .
for the people wondering why , here’s my answer

- Time -
yup , unfortunately for me , time is running out . and as we all know , time flies and in just a blink of an eye , august has already ended . it seems like it was just yesterday when we said “hello , august” . and now it’s “hello , september” . a new month marks a new hope for me , and this time , i plan on fulfilling my hopes . because of facebook and other social medias , i have somehow wasted a lot of time trolling the internet and reading about other’s businesses that 50% of my free time is spent on the internet . and PMR is only 5 weeks away ! i guess it’s time , to pull up my socks and set out my priorities . after all , time is limited and if you don’t use it wisely , you’re gonna regret in the future . WISE WORDS OF WANCHI HAHA

- Hate -
my september wish is “more love , less hate” .
facebook is well known for it’s wars and soap operas and people spend so much time on it . personally i am not involved in any of these , but i do think though , that when these wars happen , true personalities of people are revealed . and they are not what i thought they were . this leads me to disgust and hate for these people , knowing their true colours . another reason is , recently there are a lot of rumours going on . and some of them are generated by “me” . none of the rumours are true and i have never started them . yet people have been using my name and making me the culprit . therefore , without facebook , nobody can use me and harm me this way .

- Love Life -
so many enquire about my love life . someone even tried teaching me how to do it on formspring . and honestly , this is pissing me off . here it is since you guys wanna hear it so much . I’M FUCKING SINGLE . I HAVE NO CRUSH AND NO INTEREST IN ANYONE CHASING ME . therefore , stop making assumptions . what’s more, don’t try to judge my love life and teach me how to love unless you’re my mother . yes , i’m talking about you , person-on-formspring . people have been plagarizing the real use of facebook . and as usual , making assumptions and scandals about me and whoever commented on my pic/status . i’m sick of it .

- Personality -
in one way or another , being on facebook had turned me into somebody that i am not . by arguing and giving sarcastic answers to stupid people , i have become more bitchy than ever and i admit this fact . facebook had turned me into someone i didn’t like .

- Friendship -
we all know this one , facebook ruins friendship in its own ways . and some of mine was ruined in the past . i don’t think i have to elaborate on this one because most people probably knows how this feels .

- School and Piano -
again with the time topic . using so much time on the internet has given me lesser time for schoolwork , studying and piano . nowadays i don’t even have time for naps !

- Popularity -
facebook helps me gain lots of it . but it also helps when people gossip about me . people i don’t even know . and it helps when people stalk me . i don’t wanna sound perasan or what saying this , but apparently sources tell me that people stalk me on facebook and idk whether this is true or not . so i’d rather be popular within friends , than famous online .

although facebook is nice for me whenever i wanna fish for compliments or get quick details about something , i think it has brought me more bad than good . therefore , i think a break from it will do me good in all these aspects but i’ll still keep my blog/twitter/instagram/formspring alive . though i won’t be that active anymore .
the reason i did this deactivation is also because KY motivated me . she deleted her facebook one year ago and she’s always happy and smiling . and i think to myself , her life is so simple and i want that too . :)


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