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Hello there sweetheart(s) ! I'm Wan Chi and welcome to my personal space . I reside in lovely Malaysia and I am a child of God . You're welcome to explore as much as you want and ask any questions but please , be nice and be respectful . Thank you ! ♥

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  School Ghost Stories part 2
YAYYY TRIALS IS OVER WITH ! *chucks books back into the cupboard* meaning i’m free now !!! ok not completely free yet , but still having enough free time to release the stress .
so here’s part 2 !! go read part 1 if you haven’t already !

3. Block X
according to history , there is a place in this block which used to be Francis Light’s office . yup , the Francis Light who sort of founded Penang . anyway , this place still exists up until now . Block X also used to be a prison during the Japanese take over and prisoners had suffered to death there .
Y’s Story – Y was just passing by that particular block when they heard faint footsteps coming from the second floor – the allegedly abandoned office of Francis Light .
R’s Story – R’s entire class were going to class and they too had to pass by that block . the entire class swore that as they were passing by , they saw a headless figure with its head on the floor .

4. Badminton Hall
supposedly it used to be a torture chamber ? idk ?
S’s Story – S and a few friends were practicing a dance routine in the badminton hall . they were playing the music through a laptop . soon after , they decided to take a break and S turned off the music and closed all the open applications . when they came back , they heard Cascada’s Everytime We Touch playing . S was freaked out because it was playing from iTunes and there was a problem with her iTunes . S got so scared that she deleted that song .

5. Primary School toilet
ahhh , yet again , the toilets !!! ironically , all my friends who were from the primary school never liked the toilets either O:
E’s story – E said that she often heard baby crying noises whenever she went into the toilet . and supposedly one cubicle is haunted because a girl once aborted her baby there ?

6. Science Lab
do you remember those foetuses and embryos kept in tubes to be preserved for education purposes ?? we have pretty ancient ones in our science lab which looks like its about 50 years old wtf . according to a school legend , there was once a girl who got pregnant . the school forced her to abort it and she didn’t have any choice left . so the school took her unborn baby and used it as a sample foetus . the girl got mad and hung herself . they say sometimes you can still hear her screaming “give me back my baby” at night .

and to top it off , random stories i heard from about !
- there was once a security guard who was patrolling the school at night . he claimed he saw Satan who wanted his soul but nobody knows whether it’s true .___.
- 2 prefects were doing their morning duties . dawn was just breaking while they were doing it . as they went up a staircase , they saw a white foggy figure .

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