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Hello there sweetheart(s) ! I'm Wan Chi and welcome to my personal space . I reside in lovely Malaysia and I am a child of God . You're welcome to explore as much as you want and ask any questions but please , be nice and be respectful . Thank you ! ♥

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  School Ghost Stories part 1

hello !! was brushing my teeth when i suddenly had the inspiration to write this post LOLOLOL . as i am a strong believer in God and not a superstitious person anddd the Hungry Ghost Festival is nearing , i shall write this post fearlessly wtf

my school is one of the oldest girls’ school in Asia , so as ghost stories come by , the older the school , the more stories it hides .

and like every other school , my school of course has its own “signature ghost stories” , so i’m gonna blog about this now . some of them i have heard first-hand , and some are merely just legends passed down again and again from the ex-seniors .

but this post isn’t meant to do any harm to anyone or indirectly scare people wtf so if you have a weak heart please stop reading . and if you mean to say stuff like “there are no such things as ghost” then you may as well leave because i never said there were ghosts , i’m merely telling ghost stories which i’m not even sure are true ;)


1. Toilet

firstly , our toilet isn’t like toilets in other schools and people always remark on how weird our toilets are . in most schools , there will only be one big toilet where everyone shares . in mine however , each class have their own toilet .



my poor illustration of the toilet HAHAHAH

anyway , each class is supposed to be responsible for their own toilets therefore each door is locked with a padlock and only the class have the key to their respective toilets . therefore , door can be locked from the outside and if you’re locked in , well you better hope someone would save you . also , there are no mirrors in our toilets o.o okay now let’s continue .


M’s Story- M once told me that there was one time when she and her friend went to the toilets . they were just fooling around and were leaving when they passed by a open toilet and M saw a white misty figure but she only kept quiet . soon after they were far off , M asked her friend if she saw the figure and her friend said yes . they didn’t dare to visit that toilet after that .

C’s Story- 1 day class was super duper boring so C decided to take a “toilet tour” to waste time . as C was heading towards our class toilet , C had to turn into a bend . and as C turned , C passed by the toilet right at the edge . and it all happened very quickly . C heard a very faint knocking on the door , from the inside . when C looked at the padlock , it was locked tight so how could somebody knock from the inside ?


2. Hall

there is a legend , saying that in the basement of the backstage in the hall , there used to be a tunnel that could lead to XXX . and that tunnel used to transport the soldiers for quick escapes during the Japanese colonization . therefore the basement is considered one of the most haunted places and “seers” in my school always claim they could see “things” down in the basement .

Y’s Story– Y was staying back late at school one day when she decided it was time to go home . it was in the late evening already and the school was deserted . as she passed by the glass doors of the hall , she swore she saw a headless girl playing the violin on stage .

A’s Story- A and her seniors were preparing for an upcoming event in school and they were fooling around backstage . they decided to play “Truth Or Dare” . as they spun the bottle , it stopped in the direction where nobody was sitting . A joked and pointed at the air saying “eh its your turn” . one of the seniors advised her not to play around with these things and they spun the bottle again . but yet for the next 3 turns they spun it , it ended up in the same place . one of the seniors tried pushing it in the opposite direction but it just moved back to its place .


okay i have trials tomorrow will upload part 2 soon !! xx

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