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Hello there sweetheart(s) ! I'm Wan Chi and welcome to my personal space . I reside in lovely Malaysia and I am a child of God . You're welcome to explore as much as you want and ask any questions but please , be nice and be respectful . Thank you ! ♥

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  HOLIDAYS , BITCH ! part 1

annyeong !! :)

i know its been awhile since i did a post , so to make it up to you guys , here’s one that is super long (but i split it into two parts) and full of camwhore pics hahaha . since holidays are already ending (NOOOO) its best i blog about it now before i get too lazy :B

since our lovable government allows the day right after PMR Trials to be a cuti peristiwa , we get an extra day off YAYYY ! (but we still have to have a replacement day for it FOL) so the day right after trials , i went out with Lao Bu , Rou Juin (who looks a bit like Son Yeon Jae HAHAHHA) and Hazeline :D




wet hair wet hair .



Hazeline came over at 7 in the morning and when she came in my room i was still half asleep HAHAHAH paiseh die !



song recording with Hazeline :)


we went to watch Step Up Revolution . OMG . MINDBLOWING . personally i think its second best of all the Step Up movies . best would be the third one of course :D



to all the people who hasn’t watched it yet , SPOILER ALERT ! this is my favourite part heheheheh cos i love love love ADAM G. SEVANI <333



went to Redbox and had Tiramisu :D very nice except for the powder . its cinnamon powder i think . i tried coating the strawberry in it and ended choking myself fml



lao bu , rou juin and hazeline :)



look at the pic laobu helped take HAHAHAH



selca with son yeon jae <3


17.8.12 (Sushi Day)


OOTD !! oh gawd my fat thighs –__- went out with mei sian , carmen , qy and win .

win wanted to watch step up even though all of us had already watched it before but he paid for the movie tickets so YIPPEE I WATCHED STEP UP AGAIN LOL *starts fangirling over Adam Sevani again*



feathers and braids :D suddenly have this obsession over braids nowadays HAHAHA

547114_4375435471844_635458770_n195846_390922610975441_412554207_n 300780_4375422471519_672485948_n 393877_4375432591772_110018621_n 

ALL OF US :D minus win of course LOL . pity him cos he was the only guy hahaha .



nah here are 2 lala pictures of me HAHAHAHA



homemade sushi that my stepmom made , and i ate . specially made for me without cucumbers cos i hate them heheheh

anyway the reason its called Sushi Day is because i ate sushi all day . literally . my 3 meals consisted of sushi O:

and now let me tell you a dumb story of my sushi day ! (you can skip this part if you want) me , qy and carmen wanted to eat sushi so we went to Sakae Sushi . then when we were looking at the menu , qy went all “kia we go Sushi King , cheaper” , so i agreed and we wanted to go but this carmen started saying how paiseh it is to walk into a restaurant then leave but she still went with us reluctantly . throughout our entire meal at Sushi King , carmen kept complaining about the whole Sakae incident so when mei sian came , we followed her to Sakae for her lunch and carmen finally shut up by stuffing a raw salmon into her mouth . which she says tastes better than Sushi King LOLWTF .




Hazeline came over again and we did the final recording for our cover ! :) spot my braid HAHAHA


SAM_1726 SAM_1729  

camwhoring while hazeline record her part …



here’s the video ! i start off and then we each take one part , and Haze is the lower voice . its not very good but enjoy ! :) we originally recorded Lonely too , but it sounded bad so we decided not to upload it :x




OOTD ! stolen from my own instagram . follow me if you haven’t alreay @wanchi_c

dress from Prangin Mall :D and my braids again hahaha

scumbag dad was so nice to take me and my sis shopping !!


RM80 , high-low dress for an upcoming event :D i’ve had my eyes on this dress for MONTHS and i finally got it ! thanks scumbag dad !!



RM60 , oxford shoes !!! also had my eyes searching for the perfect pair for weeks and finally found one which suits my taste :D


ok thats all ! still waiting for somebody to upload more pics of outings so i can update part 2 ~

stay tuned !

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