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Hello there sweetheart(s) ! I'm Wan Chi and welcome to my personal space . I reside in lovely Malaysia and I am a child of God . You're welcome to explore as much as you want and ask any questions but please , be nice and be respectful . Thank you ! ♥

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  why i went on hiatus on facebook
i have posted a short status about this on my last day on facebook , but here’s a blog post do explain more thoroughly .


well , over the past few months i have been thinking about going on hiatus , but never really done it cos i figured i’d do it when the time comes . and i suppose , the time is now .
for the people wondering why , here’s my answer

- Time -
yup , unfortunately for me , time is running out . and as we all know , time flies and in just a blink of an eye , august has already ended . it seems like it was just yesterday when we said “hello , august” . and now it’s “hello , september” . a new month marks a new hope for me , and this time , i plan on fulfilling my hopes . because of facebook and other social medias , i have somehow wasted a lot of time trolling the internet and reading about other’s businesses that 50% of my free time is spent on the internet . and PMR is only 5 weeks away ! i guess it’s time , to pull up my socks and set out my priorities . after all , time is limited and if you don’t use it wisely , you’re gonna regret in the future . WISE WORDS OF WANCHI HAHA

- Hate -
my september wish is “more love , less hate” .
facebook is well known for it’s wars and soap operas and people spend so much time on it . personally i am not involved in any of these , but i do think though , that when these wars happen , true personalities of people are revealed . and they are not what i thought they were . this leads me to disgust and hate for these people , knowing their true colours . another reason is , recently there are a lot of rumours going on . and some of them are generated by “me” . none of the rumours are true and i have never started them . yet people have been using my name and making me the culprit . therefore , without facebook , nobody can use me and harm me this way .

- Love Life -
so many enquire about my love life . someone even tried teaching me how to do it on formspring . and honestly , this is pissing me off . here it is since you guys wanna hear it so much . I’M FUCKING SINGLE . I HAVE NO CRUSH AND NO INTEREST IN ANYONE CHASING ME . therefore , stop making assumptions . what’s more, don’t try to judge my love life and teach me how to love unless you’re my mother . yes , i’m talking about you , person-on-formspring . people have been plagarizing the real use of facebook . and as usual , making assumptions and scandals about me and whoever commented on my pic/status . i’m sick of it .

- Personality -
in one way or another , being on facebook had turned me into somebody that i am not . by arguing and giving sarcastic answers to stupid people , i have become more bitchy than ever and i admit this fact . facebook had turned me into someone i didn’t like .

- Friendship -
we all know this one , facebook ruins friendship in its own ways . and some of mine was ruined in the past . i don’t think i have to elaborate on this one because most people probably knows how this feels .

- School and Piano -
again with the time topic . using so much time on the internet has given me lesser time for schoolwork , studying and piano . nowadays i don’t even have time for naps !

- Popularity -
facebook helps me gain lots of it . but it also helps when people gossip about me . people i don’t even know . and it helps when people stalk me . i don’t wanna sound perasan or what saying this , but apparently sources tell me that people stalk me on facebook and idk whether this is true or not . so i’d rather be popular within friends , than famous online .

although facebook is nice for me whenever i wanna fish for compliments or get quick details about something , i think it has brought me more bad than good . therefore , i think a break from it will do me good in all these aspects but i’ll still keep my blog/twitter/instagram/formspring alive . though i won’t be that active anymore .
the reason i did this deactivation is also because KY motivated me . she deleted her facebook one year ago and she’s always happy and smiling . and i think to myself , her life is so simple and i want that too . :)


  HOLIDAYS , BITCH ! part 2

here’s the long-awaited part 2 post !

by the way , is my font hard to read ? :O  wtf .

so yeah , it was the first day of school today , and like all the other schools , we discussed our test answers and didn’t do much writing so YIPPEEEE first day was a breeze . but it turned out they were cancelling all our fun lessons like music and siviks to replace them with boring ones like BM and sejarah FOL D:

right , i shall stop procrastinating and act all excited and happy now .




OOTD . tried a more boho look because we planned to go to the beach . oh look my braid again AHAHAH

so as we all know , Amanda loves penang and makes her frequent visits …


but this time , Vilit came along !! i know i may not mention him much in my blog , but he is one of the nicest guys i know (who happens to look depressed all the time) and well , i think sushi with amanda is now a tradition . we do it so many times i can’t even count LOL

after eating , we tried going to the cinema but we couldn’t decide what movie to watch . and the counter guy was kind enough to suggest movies to us but we didn’t like his ideas so i think he got pretty pissed off hahaha . also met Daryl there !

so we went to eat . again .


went to the new dessert shop , Hui Lao Shan . not bad lah but the service kinda sucks :X  we waited for like 45 mins . Vilit got pissed and asked the guy in chinese: “why so long haven’t reach wan ?” and it turned out they forgot our order fuck our lifes –____-



camwhoring while waiting :D


DSC01896 DSC01899DSC01900

the soft focus on amanda’s camera makes people look so flawless !



even Vilit ! HAHAHA



dessert finally came , and boy was it good ! love the tang yuan :D

then we ditched vilit .


we didn’t plan our outfits ok !!! so ngam and almost all our colour coordinates match ! :3



Kiehl’s was giving out free cotton candy again so we went to get some #cheapo

also i think the guy making the cotton candy was quite hot la hahahah


and then we went to Red Box (another tradition) and Ju On was there wtf

and we ended up ditching the beach plan cos it was too late ):

read Amanda’s longer version here .




OOTD . envelope bag from Nineteen Ninety Seven . genius wanchi took these pictures with her crappy phone camera before she realised she brought her digital camera –__-



went to Sushi Zento at Precinct 10 again . the chicken teriyaki was a bit too salty :/



camwhorism .



a picture of my stepmom taking a picture of my dad and stepsis who is looking at my camera wtf



oh raite finally did my nails !!! starry-night themed . simple cos i was omfg lazy .



if my hair was longer and straighter , would i freak you out ?? :p








went for Carmen’s (sort of) pool party . was there with Carmen , Mei Sian , Zelyn , Soo Rong , Win and Sheng Yang .

was having a great time but the security guard kept saying we were too noisy wtf so we walked over to Straits Quay . played truth or dare there , and something kinda upset me about it :S


went to Chatime for drinks , then went to Blue Reef with Jayleen and Pak for dinner .



what girls do in toilets .



then went to The Library for drinks again . picture from Pak’s phone . great night x




Hazeline came over again to help me get another cover done ! :D



camwhoring with her Taeyang LOL



recording my chinese cover in #nerdmode . i shall not upload the cover here cos i personally think it sucks :B



also painted a french tip for my nails !



look into my new grey contacts ~~~~ :9

bye !

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  HOLIDAYS , BITCH ! part 1

annyeong !! :)

i know its been awhile since i did a post , so to make it up to you guys , here’s one that is super long (but i split it into two parts) and full of camwhore pics hahaha . since holidays are already ending (NOOOO) its best i blog about it now before i get too lazy :B

since our lovable government allows the day right after PMR Trials to be a cuti peristiwa , we get an extra day off YAYYY ! (but we still have to have a replacement day for it FOL) so the day right after trials , i went out with Lao Bu , Rou Juin (who looks a bit like Son Yeon Jae HAHAHHA) and Hazeline :D




wet hair wet hair .



Hazeline came over at 7 in the morning and when she came in my room i was still half asleep HAHAHAH paiseh die !



song recording with Hazeline :)


we went to watch Step Up Revolution . OMG . MINDBLOWING . personally i think its second best of all the Step Up movies . best would be the third one of course :D



to all the people who hasn’t watched it yet , SPOILER ALERT ! this is my favourite part heheheheh cos i love love love ADAM G. SEVANI <333



went to Redbox and had Tiramisu :D very nice except for the powder . its cinnamon powder i think . i tried coating the strawberry in it and ended choking myself fml



lao bu , rou juin and hazeline :)



look at the pic laobu helped take HAHAHAH



selca with son yeon jae <3


17.8.12 (Sushi Day)


OOTD !! oh gawd my fat thighs –__- went out with mei sian , carmen , qy and win .

win wanted to watch step up even though all of us had already watched it before but he paid for the movie tickets so YIPPEE I WATCHED STEP UP AGAIN LOL *starts fangirling over Adam Sevani again*



feathers and braids :D suddenly have this obsession over braids nowadays HAHAHA

547114_4375435471844_635458770_n195846_390922610975441_412554207_n 300780_4375422471519_672485948_n 393877_4375432591772_110018621_n 

ALL OF US :D minus win of course LOL . pity him cos he was the only guy hahaha .



nah here are 2 lala pictures of me HAHAHAHA



homemade sushi that my stepmom made , and i ate . specially made for me without cucumbers cos i hate them heheheh

anyway the reason its called Sushi Day is because i ate sushi all day . literally . my 3 meals consisted of sushi O:

and now let me tell you a dumb story of my sushi day ! (you can skip this part if you want) me , qy and carmen wanted to eat sushi so we went to Sakae Sushi . then when we were looking at the menu , qy went all “kia we go Sushi King , cheaper” , so i agreed and we wanted to go but this carmen started saying how paiseh it is to walk into a restaurant then leave but she still went with us reluctantly . throughout our entire meal at Sushi King , carmen kept complaining about the whole Sakae incident so when mei sian came , we followed her to Sakae for her lunch and carmen finally shut up by stuffing a raw salmon into her mouth . which she says tastes better than Sushi King LOLWTF .




Hazeline came over again and we did the final recording for our cover ! :) spot my braid HAHAHA


SAM_1726 SAM_1729  

camwhoring while hazeline record her part …



here’s the video ! i start off and then we each take one part , and Haze is the lower voice . its not very good but enjoy ! :) we originally recorded Lonely too , but it sounded bad so we decided not to upload it :x




OOTD ! stolen from my own instagram . follow me if you haven’t alreay @wanchi_c

dress from Prangin Mall :D and my braids again hahaha

scumbag dad was so nice to take me and my sis shopping !!


RM80 , high-low dress for an upcoming event :D i’ve had my eyes on this dress for MONTHS and i finally got it ! thanks scumbag dad !!



RM60 , oxford shoes !!! also had my eyes searching for the perfect pair for weeks and finally found one which suits my taste :D


ok thats all ! still waiting for somebody to upload more pics of outings so i can update part 2 ~

stay tuned !

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