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Hello there sweetheart(s) ! I'm Wan Chi and welcome to my personal space . I reside in lovely Malaysia and I am a child of God . You're welcome to explore as much as you want and ask any questions but please , be nice and be respectful . Thank you ! ♥

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  curly hair version 1.0 and 2.0

yes as you all may know i am a very very VERY vain type of person and one of the worst things i can imagine happening to myself is getting my face destroyed by acid or someone burning all of my hair . yup wtf

so the latest vain thing i did was curling my hair during the holidays cos i was bored with my hair and like i said in some earlier blog posts , i am not considering cutting my hair at the moment .

so being the psycho bitch i was , i went and did a japanese perm at my sister’s friend’s mother’s salon 8D

why is there 2 versions ? we’ll get onto that later .

the whole process took about 2 hours . so sickening and smelly D; but it was worth it . i guess . you know the smelly salon smell you get once you step into a salon ? i managed to find out that the smell originates from the liquid they put into perms so that it stays curly O:

so here’s curly hair version 1.0 :


loose curls .

curly hair

super nice on the first day . but after that ….

*harry potter mysterious music starts playing*

i realised that the curls do not stay on for more than 3 hours . WHAT TURF T___T

and so i think my hair hates curls and thus rebelled against them and straightened itself out . so sad that i called the salon and luckily my super nice hairdresser said that she’s sorry (although it wasn’t her fault that my hair is a scumbag) and its okay i may come back whenever i want ^^

so i went back yesterday after school and the salon wasn’t open haih haih just my luck .

and i went again today !! thank god they were open but they were so packed i had to wait 45 minutes until my hairdresser was free . so she said that cases like mine happens sometimes and it happened to herself too so she curled my hair AGAIN and this time she gave me bigger curls .


curly hair version 2.0 ; ignore my retarded eyes which i always hated . hopefully it won’t straighten out again . *fingers crossed*



x .

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