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Hello there sweetheart(s) ! I'm Wan Chi and welcome to my personal space . I reside in lovely Malaysia and I am a child of God . You're welcome to explore as much as you want and ask any questions but please , be nice and be respectful . Thank you ! ♥

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  visit to a batik factory
why hello again . woke up this morning and went to orchestra practice for the sake of our trip to the batik factory with #TheMansionGang . though i’m not sure why they call it orchestra practice since all we do is talk and play with each other’s gadgets . in today’s case it was KY’s Nintendo DS , angeline and agnes’ iphone 4’s and jayne’s galaxy ace :3
560339_387712501248171_100000282736910_1392076_1032543893_n 561924_387712384581516_1841745833_n
camwhoring with manuela and nicole :D
loving orchestra practice :3
then zelyn arrived and texted us and we trolled her so she got mad hhahah then we went to catch our MPPP bus to prangin .
le bus :D
le bitches photobombing us D; went to switch buses at prangin mall .
took the bus to teluk bahang and the bus driver tried to cari pasal with us o0o
arrived at le batik factory and we thought we went to the wrong place cos it was so uhhh … old and rundown . :X
some awesome batik chops .
batik chop results !!
hand-painted batik .
and this is the worst part of our field trip today :
the bus ride took us like an hour but the tour around the factory took us not more than 10 minutes –__- then we took a bus back to my house thank god the bus driver was nice this time . dad took us and my sister to gurney with his new sports car and we squeezed like there was no tomorrow .
but only 20 minutes after reaching , nicole and jayne had to go home early cos they had other plans so me and zelyn ate at kim gary’s .
posing like a sir . oh and i ate 2 puddings cos zelyn didn’t want it
her and her ying yong . HAHAHHA . now let me tell you a story . we both ordered chicken chop cheese baked rice and they gave us a HUGE generous amount of rice that when we were done , we were so freaking bloated and we even left some rice uneaten . then our drinks were still full so we were like #challengeaccepted and forced the drinks down until we had to pee .
camwhored as usual :D
DSC01008_副本 (1)
bought these (fake) anna sui purses as well . MAX CUTE <3
couldn’t decide if i wanted the white or blue but i ended up with white cos it was the last one xD
x .

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  curly hair version 1.0 and 2.0

yes as you all may know i am a very very VERY vain type of person and one of the worst things i can imagine happening to myself is getting my face destroyed by acid or someone burning all of my hair . yup wtf

so the latest vain thing i did was curling my hair during the holidays cos i was bored with my hair and like i said in some earlier blog posts , i am not considering cutting my hair at the moment .

so being the psycho bitch i was , i went and did a japanese perm at my sister’s friend’s mother’s salon 8D

why is there 2 versions ? we’ll get onto that later .

the whole process took about 2 hours . so sickening and smelly D; but it was worth it . i guess . you know the smelly salon smell you get once you step into a salon ? i managed to find out that the smell originates from the liquid they put into perms so that it stays curly O:

so here’s curly hair version 1.0 :


loose curls .

curly hair

super nice on the first day . but after that ….

*harry potter mysterious music starts playing*

i realised that the curls do not stay on for more than 3 hours . WHAT TURF T___T

and so i think my hair hates curls and thus rebelled against them and straightened itself out . so sad that i called the salon and luckily my super nice hairdresser said that she’s sorry (although it wasn’t her fault that my hair is a scumbag) and its okay i may come back whenever i want ^^

so i went back yesterday after school and the salon wasn’t open haih haih just my luck .

and i went again today !! thank god they were open but they were so packed i had to wait 45 minutes until my hairdresser was free . so she said that cases like mine happens sometimes and it happened to herself too so she curled my hair AGAIN and this time she gave me bigger curls .


curly hair version 2.0 ; ignore my retarded eyes which i always hated . hopefully it won’t straighten out again . *fingers crossed*



x .

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  pool party + gurney .

finally i’m blogging about thisss :D

last monday Carmen held a pool party at her grandfather’s apartment which coincidently is just a a short distance from my house . so .

was watching Harry Potter when suddenly nicole called so i invited her over and we walked to the venue together .

reached there , the cibai guard wouldn’t let us in and insisted that carmen had to come out and get us but carmen didn’t pick up her phone FOL me and nicole had to stand in the rain in despair for 5 minutes while desperately waiting for someone to save us . fortunately Cheryl and Qing Yun came out to claim their mcdelivery and saw us so THANK GOD .


le me with my fat arms seriously why am i so fat i gotta lose weight .


maxx jealous of the thin people like Cheryl and Qing Yun D;


then we swam played with water and started riding on each other in the pool LUL WTF LOVE JERMAINE MY HORSIE TO THE MAX .


the most flattering picture of me . trust me , i look like shit in all of them .


then jayne , zelyn and hui shan came . ZELYN THE MAJOR PHOTOBOMBER D: my picture with jayne T____T


2/3 of le trinity <3


group picture without kher ying who didn’t make it . D;




and then they went to Tutti Fruitti while mei sian , jayleen , jermaine and carmen came to my house to bathe :D 


met up with everyone again at gurney :D super love how big our group was that day :D


but then we split up into smaller groups and nicole and wern yueen went home early D: wanted to watch The Lorax at first but they only had it in 3D and we were like , fuck this shit we don’t wanna waste 18 bucks .


my lovelies <3


went to Material after our Nando’s dinner and fooled around .


camwhoring in the toilet is a must .


went to Chatime . jayne is cut off :(

which reminds me of what happened at Chatime !!

jayne : one honey lemon with aloe .

zelyn : i would like a bubble milk tea please .

cash register guy : *stupidly didn’t hear what jayne said* anything else ?

jayne : er one honey ---

zelyn : NO .

jayne : ONE HONEY LEMON WITH ALOE . *glares at scumbag zelyn*



x .

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  my love for chicken .

I FUCKING LOVE CHICKEN . and if you know me enough , you’ll know that i can’t live without ‘em .

anyway i am just here blogging about chickens while waiting for mei sian to upload pics of my latest hangout so i can blog about that .

back to the topic .

Asian Apricot Marinade AKA The Delicious Chicken

be it roast chicken …

Fried Chicken Pics

fried chicken …

curry chicken …

or even popcorn chicken , my love for chicken is undeniable .

now you know why i love Nando’s and Kenny Rogers so much . well i used to love KFC as well but one day i found our how oily and full of fat it is so i visited it less often O;

and in school i’d always be looking longingly at the fried chicken but i don’t always have the heart to fork out RM1.70 for a piece of chicken . #kiamsiap so i only eat chicken on days when i eat nasi lemak .

but sometimes i’ll look in the mirror and think , gosh i’m fat . and then i’ll go all “i shall be on a strict diet now”

but then that night my family will cook :


and my expression :


and finally ……



  i can breathe !!!
thank goodness exams are finally over and done with and i can now take time to relax and watch all the TV and eat all the food i want . this is the life .
well , except the fact that SCUMBAG DAD STRIKES AGAIN . not only did he sign me and my siblings up for BOOT CAMP , on the first day of holiday , HE REFUSED TO GET ME THE ENTIRE HARRY POTTER SERIES WHICH I’VE BEEN WANTING SINCE FORM 1 ASDFGHJKL .
anyway , remember my previous picture i posted on our “household ?”
here it is unless you forgot HAHAHAH .
well , get ready for “household” version 2.0 !!!
and nicole got pissed so she tore herself into half :X

pre-exam activities …
went to eat KFC and it was disgusting . so oily and greasy and ughhh .
went mamak-ing and saw this little kitten which i got a blur picture of . it was no larger than my palm and it followed us into the mamak stall then it sniffed my foot and walked around and then abruptly left us D: then some malay ladies put it in a box and brought it home .
goodbye my-kitten-for-5-minutes D:
went for tea at GrainLoaf , the newly opened bakery at Island Plaza . BAKERIES SMELL SO GOOD :9
developed a bunch of pictures a few weeks ago and had no idea what to do with them .
so i went to popular and bought this bigass book which costed me a fortune and began scrapbooking :B
please ignore my crappy scrawbles ^^
SAM_0349 SAM_0350
what’s a blog post without my camwhore pictures ? :P
bangs are seriously growing too long D;
i wanna visit Paris Disneyland again .
x .


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