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Hello there sweetheart(s) ! I'm Wan Chi and welcome to my personal space . I reside in lovely Malaysia and I am a child of God . You're welcome to explore as much as you want and ask any questions but please , be nice and be respectful . Thank you ! ♥

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hi .
YES , i’ve been blogging a lot lately .
but it’s been awhile since i wrote a full-blown hate post .
its been sooo long since i’ve ever felt this pissed .
if you do not wanna read an entire blog post filled with words scolding other people , i suggest you leave now or feel free to read my happier posts .
i post this here . cos i wanna remember this moment of pissed-off-ness and how i kept in all in me and this post is gonna remind me after 5 years .
now , warm your seats while you read about another bitch in my daily life .
okay so as you know . i am very proud of our achievement in the recent campfire that i attended . unfortunately , a random bitch around in my school can’t seem to just accept the fact that we are awesome so she went around telling people how we dress like sluts . now , im gonna post a picture of our “slut” outfit .
ignore the 2 people at the left side , their innocent . anyway , LOOK AT OUR SLUTTY CLOTHES . SO SLUTTY I COULD JUST DIE . I MEAN , SERIOUSLY ?!?!?
no offence to the girl in the above picture .
seriously , people need to be more open minded nowadays .
also , just cos you have nothing to do in your life and no one wants to fuck you , doesn’t mean you should fuck around with our lives .
we’re not even half your age , and just because of that you wanna bully us ? by spreading rumours around saying we’re slutty ?
and this is the reason u gave :
1. we’re wearing shorts .
2. we’re CLS girls .
3. we’re CLS girls wearing shorts dancing in front of guys .
according to you , these 3 points make us look like those hookers who dance on tabletops in bars .
and you say we’re ruining the school reputation .
well if thats the case , then i guess every single participant at the campfire was just ruining their school’s reputation ?
please lah .
and anyway , we already covered up 2/3 of our bodies , so what u expect us to do ? wear long sleeved shirts and jeans and even a mask so we wouldnt be a disgrace to our school ? yeah i’d LOVE to do that on a hot stuffy night with no fan nor air cond . don’t tell me you never wore shorts in your life before .
if what we were wearing is humiliating the school , fine . i apologize . but then , if i wear that outfit to gurney , am i humiliating myself ?
walk around your friggin neighbourhood . in a country as hot as malaysia , who would dress in long pants every single minute ?
and as a conclusion , i’m not gonna disclose the name of this particular person , and i’m not pointing out any names . i’m not gonna hate on that person , AND THIS PERSON REFERS TO NONE OF YOU SO DUN PERASAN . finally , i would just like to say that . whatever we wear is our freedom . we aint your daughters , and your job is not to worry about what we wear or what we do ; so please , mind your own business , and stop gossiping all the time .


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