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Hello there sweetheart(s) ! I'm Wan Chi and welcome to my personal space . I reside in lovely Malaysia and I am a child of God . You're welcome to explore as much as you want and ask any questions but please , be nice and be respectful . Thank you ! ♥

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  dead .

hi . i’m sorry my blog is dead . sorry . please attend his funeral . your attendance is very much appreciated . and yes , its a HE . bai .

sincerely ,

blogger who is too lazy to blog until her blog decided to rot and die .

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  june .

may was uber awesome to me , and so far june is okay :/

anyway , i figured i should update my blog cos its slowly dying away :'(

and i bet nobody reads it anyway now T_____T


this was some time ago . LOL . she could actually balance that toy on her head for quite some time . 8D

SAM_7593 SAM_7606

without fringe camwhore shots :B


this photo looks so DSLR-ish 8D

nail art pens !!! they are soo awesome and they cost only like RM2.40 !!! :DDDD but its a small bottle though :(


my current poster collection :B


these are my current favourites , kim bum and 2NE1 , both from YG magazine :)))


my kerja kayu which is so fucking ugly that everyone can’t help but insult it :C i knw its fugly la but its my first year doing it and i had no idea how to do it so give me some credit T___T


i tried out the nail art pen !!! :DDD (another DSLR-ish photo omfg)


yesterday we went to evergreen hotel to celebrate an early father’s day and we all had to dress formal wtf . but tht gave me a chance to camwhore ;D the balloon was my baby sister’s , but i laik balloons so shut up yo (:

SAM_7705 SAM_7710


SAM_7715 SAM_7716

edited these with my camera .

kthxbai :)

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  new obsession ;B

pls watch this video while you read this blog post , i assure you you’ll fall in love with them at first sight just like i did when i first watched them on M!Countdown :3

yesh people , it’s freaking B1A4 !! :DD


leader is jinyoung , gongchan’s the maknae , sandeul’s the lead vocal , cnu’s idk what and baro’s the rapper :D

now i shall introduce them according to their hotness level .

from hottest to least :

1. Gongchan


this guy is damn 7 cute i tell you !!! i never really obsessed over maknae’s in other kpop groups before , i usually get attracted to the older one’s *TOP >P* ; but gongchan really just attracted me like electric HAHHAHAHAH WTF >PPPPP

2. Jinyoung


leader yo ! :D damn endao but i dun really like his voice :(

at first i thought he was my bias but i realised i like gongchan more :B

3. Sandeul


he sings A LOTTT in OK , if you noticed .

awesome singing voice (Y)

but he not so endao . still cute lah :D

4. Baro


BARO !!! the cute rapper :33333 amanda likes him . i like the way he wears his cap nyeheheheh :DD

and nao , for the ugliest one which i dislike most .

5. C.NU


… no commen except he keeps wearing those fake glasses which don’t look good on him . otherwise , he’s fine :/

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  just a dream ;

yesterday i had this crazy dream .

this is how it goes :

i was in my old apartment , getting ready for school . well its kinda like a deja vu cos i stayed there from std1-6 but in my dream i was wearing my light blue pinafore la of course , not the primary school dark blue one –____- kay anyway , like in my primary school life , after getting ready i went down to wait for the bus . i waited under that big mango tree which rarely bears any fruits , as i did in my primary school days .

suddenly wtf a few of my friends came over to me . (sorry , i can’t remember who it was) some of them even crosssed the road to come to my apartment and waited with me for the school bus , and suddenly my sister appeared out of nowhere O.O

and then the bus came . all my friends boarded the bus , when suddenly i realised i didn’t bring my school bag FML . and as i was going to get it , the stupid school bus left me omfg ?!

and i was like “WTF !?” but my sis was still there standing with me .

and suddenlyyyy .

i was likeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee .

“wait , isn’t today saturday not friday ?” and i checked my phone’s calendar . it WAS saturday . i only THOUGHT it was friday thats why i got ready for school .

wtf why is everyone going to school then ? everybody thought it was friday as well ? even the bus driver ?

okay then my dream ended there O:


  KL trip yo .

short summary : didn’t get to spend a lot of time with friends , had loads of family time but little mom time ; had limited shopping time , and lots of movie time . tick tock tick tock .

i swear we watched at least one movie every single night . damn my aunt has so much movies . on one night we even watched up to 3am . –___-

SAM_7326 SAM_7327 SAM_7328

first day , met up with my babes <3 was just walking around when they suddenly ran out of a restaurant and attacked me :'))) ilovethem .

SAM_7329 SAM_7330

then met up with the 2 tallest best friends i have , ama and jick :D


went karaoke-ing , which is what we do almost every time we meet xD


next day , went shopping @ sg wang and times square with ama and e-lyn ; finally got my G.NA shirt :) and also a small bottle of fake OPI nail polish HAHAHHA . didnt get a pic with e-lyn though . D:

the rest of the days were spent with a whole big family of my mom’s side , also movie-ing and mamak-ing :P


last day , met up with 2 people i knew online , lee jia wen and kimberly chua li yee :D also with my gf , AHWONG ; still remember her ? :D oh and sohai as well , he sucks at photography :x

SAM_7369 SAM_7370 SAM_7377

karaoke-ing yet again .


kim’s size is damn cute i tell you . she’s just small and short and cute in an awesome way , and jiawen is just down right pretty :D

SAM_7380 SAM_7388

with the same birthday peepo .


with my new frens :D




sohai lala pose , THE SEQUEL .

SAM_7404 SAM_7405

group pic without sohai ! :D


and again . they followed me all the way to the bus stop and left sohai at the karaoke room (Y)

SAM_7408 SAM_7419

first thing to do on the bus : camwhore .


camwhore more .


pattern banyak yo :D

SAM_7427 SAM_7445

camwhored until my camera low batt ,


but still continue HAHAH


last pic ,

my camera died out .


kthxbai .

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Hello there ! I'm Wan Chi , born in 1997 and currently studying at the LSE. I have two hobbies : overdosing on naps and eating desserts, I am in love with all forms of carbs and I bake sometimes . I have a lust for travelling and all things pink and floral . Read along to get to know me more, and thanks for dropping by!

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