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Hello there sweetheart(s) ! I'm Wan Chi and welcome to my personal space . I reside in lovely Malaysia and I am a child of God . You're welcome to explore as much as you want and ask any questions but please , be nice and be respectful . Thank you ! ♥

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  top 10 hottest k-pop guys . :)))

get ready to let me blow your mind . :P
credits to www.spot.ph for the article and pics :)

The Boy Next Door

10. Choi Minho
Not even in his 20s, Minho exudes a clean cut, bring-home-to-Mom vibe that totally makes him anyone'sTeenage Dream. One of SHINee's resident rappers, Minho started out as a model who frequented runways and also appeared in SNSD Girls' Generation music video for “Gee.” Quiet and soft spoken, you know he's got tons of charm hidden beneath his super cute stance—after all, his nickname is Charismatic Flame.

*chi’s note ; he’s effing cute <3

The Dancer

9. Lee Gi Kwang
Gi Kwang became a celebrity way before his current group, B2st rose to popularity. Originally known as solo act AJ (Ace Junior), he received an image reboot and was relaunched as part of B2st. Known best for his skills on the dance floor, Gi Kwang loves rocking to smooth R&B grooves.

*chi’s note : dun really knw him much but jayne likes him :P

The Artist

8. Lee Hong Ki
Everyone assumes that K-Pop dudes are all manufactured and without any authentic talent, but Lee Hong Ki proves this wrong by displaying his music chops as frontman for FT Island. The sometimes-rapper and beatboxer stole hearts as funny man Jeremy in the hit drama You're Beautiful. He's since given up his blonde locks for an all-natural black mane—which makes him all the more swoon-worthy.

*chi’s note : totally cute . kinda got obsessed with him after watching you’re beautiful :D

The Talent

7. Jang Geun Seuk
As long as Jang Geun Seuk is around, the Hallyu wave will never be lacking musical dramas centered around super hot singers. The multi-faceted actor, who has played up his musical talent in three dramas (Beethoven Virus, You're Beautiful, and Mary Stayed Out All Night) is a huge hit with the fangirls (and boys) for his androgynous style, his excellent use of guyliner, and his to-die-for smile. Makes fangirls across the board wish this super-endorser would just launch an album already.

*chi’s note : he’s beautiful :)

The International Sensation

Rain has taken the world by storm with his launching movie, Ninja Assassin—and yes, his rock hard bod. The ultimate performer (he acts, sings, dances, and even dabbled in a clothing line and managing a K-Pop group) is set to break thousands of hearts as he is rumored to head into military service some time this year. For now, Ji Hoon's fans can still revel in his action drama (with scenes filmed in the Philippines!) The Fugitive.

*chi’s note : sorry i dun like him .

The Dreamboat

5. Choi Siwon
With smoldering good looks and acting chops that only up his smex factor, Super Junior's resident actor sizzles on and off screen. His good boy appeal comes from his being a devout Christian from an affluent family—which totally offsets his hotness as Athena: Goddess of War's Agent Kim Jun-ho. Part of subgroup Super Junior-M, Siwon's following is so huge, he's among the first four Korean artists to be featured on a Chinese postage stamp.

*chi’s note : and i shoot shoot shoot him ;B

The Vocalist

4. Hero Jaejoong
DBSK's 800,000 South Korean supporters (and who knows, how many worldwide fans) can't deny the heart-melting effect of Hero Jaejoong's piercing gaze. Given up by his birth mother and raised by adoptive parents, Jaejoong moved to Seoul as a teen and worked odd jobs to support himself while going on one audition after another (sniff!). Now leading current group JYJ, this crooner has also proven to be one of Korea's most bankable actors with his Japanese-Korean drama, Heaven's Postman.

*chi’s note : WTF !!! HIM !! I DRTFYUIHJWIbv LOVE HIM !!! <3333333 first fell in love with him when i watched this advertisement with him in it . HERO-AH ! <3

The Enigma

3. Kim Hyun Joong
Kim Hyun Joong sets hearts aflutter, no matter what K-Pop suit he wears. As Ji Hoo in 2009's Boys Over Flowers and Baek Seung Jo in the recent Playful Kiss, and as himself on popular reality show We Got Married, he raised the bar for irresistible leading men (both Korean and non-Korean). As SS501's leader, he merges standard K-Pop fare with his brand of 4D head-scratching humor. His 2010 visit to Manila also proved that this hottie's got a heart of gold with his heartwarming visit to the Abiertas House of Friendship. This Face Shop endorser shows that guys can have it all.

*chi’s note : don’t like him , but my sister does :/

2. Nichkhun Buck Horvejkul
Anything goes in the land of K-Pop—and 2PM's Nichkhun proves that a half-Chinese half-Thai cutie who grew up in California can make it big in Korea. Scouted in LA, Nichkhun moved across oceans to learn the basic boyband rudiments (as well as the excessive acrobatics his group has become famous for), how to speak and write Korean, and pretty much live up to his “Thai Prince” image. The angel-faced performer cranks up the charm on weekly reality show We Got Married (where he is coupled up with fellow foreigner, Victoria of girl group F(X)) and sends out swoon-worthy tweets via his account @khunnie0624

*chi’s note : his eyes his eyebrows omgggg :3 so cute can dai in 10 over 10 mv :)))


The Sex God

1. T.O.P
It's tough to resist this rapper's steamy stare, which he whips out in the middle of his jazzy, bluesy, hip-hoppy raps for K-Pop group BIG BANG. Non-fans love to hate on his douche-y Zoolander-esque poses, but true fans know he's just putting on a show (T.O.P or Choi Seung-hyun is known as his group's resident clown). Whether he's sporting his manly tailored suits or is lying low in his favorite BAPE hoodies, this harmonica-playing, beatboxing, award-winning actor oozes sex appeal like it's nobody's business. T.O.P or bottom? T.O.P, most definitely.

*chi’s note : my baby , of course :)))))))) who else can it be ? :P


  for those who are dying to see my new hair :B


bangs ftw .


  to catch a cat who snuck into your house .

so yesterday i was reading The Time Traveller’s Wife when me and entire family heard ze pig sister scream all of a sudden . i went out of my room and asked ze fat brother : what ze hell jz happened ?

so we went to check it out . turns out there was a fat white cat inside the study room and we had no idea how he went in cos we closed all the windows . anyway , it was sitting cozily on a printer box –____-

my dad tried to make it walk into a box by talking to it . as in “meow , meow . you cannot escape , just let us catch you , meow .” whatturf . of course the fat cat refused to budge so my dad tried whacking it with a broom which sent ze kitteh flying around trying to defend itself . and then it settled on top of a high cabinet and refused to come down .

to cut the long story short , after like forever ; my dad took this bucket and pushed it against the wall where the cat was sitting so the cat just walked in the bucket willingly . O;






poor dad had to squat at the boot of our car so that the cat wouldn’t go crazy .

SAM_6144 SAM_6145

in the car 8D


do you spot the cat !!



anyway today kherying styled my hair :DD


braided fringe ;


braided back . she couldnt braid my hair all the way to the end cos my hair is layered fml T___T

pics i forgot to post :

SAM_6126 SAM_6130 SAM_6131 SAM_6134

the end , bye .


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  events .

shopping trip with zelyn yesterday at prangin mall !! :DD bought 2 new shirts , which effing costed me rm35 T________T oh and the shopkeeper was super duper sampat .____.

after that , took the bus to gurney , met up with mummy , bro and sis :D sho happeh to meet mummy again ^^ !! ate dinner , watched Rio , movie about this blue parrot bird thingy :D

pics :


me and er :P

SAM_6057 SAM_6058

more of us , bear with me :P


we match , no ? :))


dinner at manila place in gurney :D


mummy and pig wan en :B


pig wan en teaching mummy how to take pics using her phone cos mummy is so clueless whatsoever :F


family photo :DD

today i went to church and before that i camwhored woohoo . so long since i camwhored D: bear with me a little longer , yeah ?


outfit of the day . new shirt i bought with zelyn yesterday !! chio right ? :DDD

SAM_6086 SAM_6094

camwhore shots :3


me with ze pig :P

SAM_6099 SAM_6102

more of me :DD


k u can stop suffering nao .

anyway , coming up events are :

school canteen day

smart night

mid-year exams FML T___T


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  regrets .

i thought i’d never regret 2010 .

i thought i was the best year of my life .

i thought it was awesome .

i thought everything was real .

i thought they loved me .

i thought everything was finally gonna be okay .

i was wrong .

i regretted loving him .

i regretted trusting them .

i regretted believing them .

i regretted so much .

“never regret anything you do because at one point in your life , it was exactly what you wanted .”

true .


  reasons why my urge to camwhore is gone :(
  1. i lazy take out my camera .
  2. i lazy take out my usb port to transfer pics .
  3. i ran out of poses .
  4. i ran out of prettiness , the camera sucked it all out D;
  5. #foreveralone camwhoring is boring T~T

someone find me a poser to teach me poses please .

someone find me a pro photographer to take pics of me please .

and someone please take me away from boring penang . ):


i wanna cut my hair . kthxbai .


  #foreveralone .

since bestarians forgot about me and couple here couple there .

im so sick of foreveralone-ness :C

k fine its my own fault for rejecting everyone D:

so yeah life turned boring T_____T

oh look its ng wan chi :C

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  teater komsas 2011 .

it was the competition today .

we won , like duh . :P

but if there’s one thing i learned about teater komsas , its to never join in again , even when i’m only a crew member . its so pressuring and you miss out on all the lessons , so i kinda regret joining )):

today was fun though :D

SAM_6041 SAM_5851 SAM_5854 SAM_5862 SAM_5883 SAM_6021 SAM_5837 SAM_5841 SAM_5843 SAM_5853 SAM_5859 SAM_5865 SAM_5866 SAM_5867 SAM_5869 SAM_5884 SAM_5886 SAM_5891 SAM_5893 SAM_5895 SAM_5896 SAM_5902 SAM_5905 SAM_5906 SAM_5909 SAM_5916 SAM_5928 SAM_5929 SAM_5936 SAM_5945 SAM_5949 SAM_5966 SAM_5970 SAM_5979 SAM_5983 SAM_5992 SAM_5993 SAM_6007 SAM_6011

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