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Hello there sweetheart(s) ! I'm Wan Chi and welcome to my personal space . I reside in lovely Malaysia and I am a child of God . You're welcome to explore as much as you want and ask any questions but please , be nice and be respectful . Thank you ! ♥

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  First 3 Months in London
Hey all ! Recently just started my winter holidays here @ uni and i'm honestly so so relieved because i finally have space to breathe !!! Swear I'm not exaggerating or anything when i say that i'm super busy during term time, juggling between school , studying , extra curricular activities and a part-time job ... Been promising to tell you guys about my London adventures so finally , here I am now ! 3 months late but hey , better late than never aye ? 

starting my blog post with one of the last few photos i took of my room , aka the hardest thing for me to leave behind *sobs*

flew from KUL to LDN with my bf !! the flight and transit was torturous though

first breakfast at Le Pain Quotidien !! tbh i hate cured meat HAHA i only wanted everything else on that plate ...

when we first got to London , we were really fortunate because the weather was more than 20 degrees everyday , so so similar to Malaysia's .. thus explaining why i could wear tank tops and skorts .

and of course , with all the amazing dairy products in London , how could a dessert lover like me say no ? HAHA gonna be so fat by the end of my time here in this city :-) 

soon after I arrived in London (about a week or so) , I was officially enrolled in my choice university , The London School of Economics and Political Science . This time , last year - I could only dream of attending this place , i even had pictures of it pasted on my wall !! My then roommate Rachel can vouch for it LOL . with the blink of an eye , here i am !!!
speaking of Rachel , we met up for burger and fries after she arrived in London too x

lots of freshers' events means lots  of drinking ... and here's a rare one of me glowing tomato red with Alex .

more deliciousness ...

mandatory touristy shot on the London Bridge !

visited Regent's Park with Zoe and Megan ! no idea where to group pic of us is but .. SO IN LOVE WITH THIS PLACE TBH 

KTJ reunion when Kelly and Michael came down to London !

MSOC picnic on the first week of uni ... it's so funny to look back at this photo now , because back then I barely knew anyone in the pic and just took the photo for the sake of being in it ! but now we happen to be really good friends HAHA

more KTJ reunions because we're so clingy tbh AHAHA

food here is not bad , although it comes at a hefty price . most of the times i still mentally convert everything into RM before purchasing stuff but i should really stop because all it causes is pain and heartache :'(

first Malaysian meal in London @ Roti King ! quite disappointing tbh , bring back my Kayu mamak and Village Park nasi lemak hmm

one of my favourite places to eat is Eat Tokyo , mainly because its super affordable for its portion size + its really near to LSE so yippee for convenience ! 

happy child

On The Bab is another really good place i tried , although my bf didn't like the Korean fried chicken ahaha .

Eat Tokyo again .. i probably go here once every week .

Tombo matcha bar , and again - bring me back to KL where i could have countless amount of matcha lattes from Tsujiri :( :( :(

tried out the super famous Cereal Killer Cafe ! pretty interesting little place but they ran out of the Reese Puffs cereal i wanted so i had to opt for something else FML

Crosstown donuts ! had these on the last day of the term alongside the cereal up there . wanted to go for the last Maths lecture of the term since its the only one i have with a good lecturer ... but Daniel and Jun Sern convinced me to go to Shoreditch with them HAHA .

if you asked the 17-year-old me if i'd go for donuts and cereal with Daniel from 5E and Jun Sern from 5M , i'd be like "whaaaaatttt" . but fast forward 2 years later and i realise we all actually click pretty well !! what can i say , food unites people 

with Ruth and Sie Yin for MSOC committee photoshoot day !

more KTJ reunions ..

Halloween with Eun bae when she came down to London again !! coincidentally twinned as black and white angels huehue

Li Wann ! again , one of the people i barely knew before coming to LSE but so so glad we got to know each other better here :)

Jun Sern ! jeng jeng jeng come and see us act together in LSE's MNight ;)

Vinn Kee came to visit London one day and we had Kanada-Ya for dinner ! that makes 2/10 of the FABxten babies :3

Liyana came down from Warwick for MVoice ! haven't seen this one in super long so it was good to catch up xx

truth reveal : every time i take an OOTD , i mentally brace myself for the cold , wait for people to get out of my background , strip my coat off as fast as possible and make my photographer (whoever it is at that point) to just SPAM . HAHAH . and in those 1000 photos they spammed , hopefully i find one that is to my liking ...

to end this blog post off , i just have to say ... HJDAKVJIOF I MET DAVID BECKHAM + BROOKLYN + HARPER + CRUZ . okay technically i didn't meet them ... me and Jo just bumped into them at Winter Wonderland . we really wanted a pic together but the bodyguard straight up said " NO" before i even finished my question lol . so disappointed but me and Jo were honestly so starstruck and hyped up after that hahaha .

soooo yeah , so far so good in London i suppose . i don't deny that it is super stressful at LSE . heck , i want to cry every day because i've never felt so dumb in my life before . but i know i'll pull through , just gotta have a little faith + a lot of hard work . thank you so much for still keeping up with my blog and i hope to update soon !


hi guys ! so sorry i haven't updated in awhile , life in uni is a lot busier than i expected .. to everyone who told me that the first year is super chill , YOU LIED DIDN'T YOU. i've only been here a few weeks and the workload is already so crazy . 😓😓  i know some of you are waiting to read more about my life in UK , and i promise i'll do a blog post on that after I settle in a bit more . so far it's been a month since i've been here and my skin hasn't adapted to the weather yet so i'm facing dry skin issues and also my room is pretty tiny haha .

moving on . there's this new restaurant in KL and i immediately fell in love with it the first time I visited it . as you may already tell from the title, it's Botanica+Co in Bangsar South !

this place is honestly such aesthetic goals , it's so pretty ..

Asian BBQ Chicken Salad and The Ultimate Steak Sandwich ! Both were honestly so so good . Nowadays , a lot of pretty cafes offer only sub-par food so we were really glad to have found this gem !

my date everyday HAHAH . bring me back to summer pls :( 

come to nice place must pattern a bit lol .

eh i honestly think i'm quite good at taking photos for my bf !!! HAHAH


him : "idk how to pose , this is so awkward" 
me : "pull up your sleeve and look down .. ya like that" 
advantages of dating a poser like yours truly 😅

visited this place again about 2 weeks later because we were seriously impressed with the quality of the food !

went at night this time to try out their dinner menu . omg my eyelids super uneven that night FML .

Rotisserie Chicken and a pizza . can't remember the name of the pizza but between the two of us , we finished the chicken + the pizza and left all but one slice AHAHAH . it was that good !! plus both of us are really big eaters too .

my bf doesn't like smiling 😟

for dessert we tried their famous Churro Donut Stack and tbh i didn't really enjoy it ?? too much sugar for my liking but other than that , our dinner was really enjoyable . i love date nights out 😌

P.S. typing this in London makes me really miss the affordable food back in KL , everything here is so expensive if you convert it sigh !!! MISSING LATE NIGHT MAMAK TRIPS AND VILLAGE PARK NASI LEMAK AND TEXAS CHICKEN . ok bye


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